Close the Door

Stood outside the room

Just looking in

Because participation

Wasn’t necessary.

Beer cans strewn across the floor

Worn out candle

Left to be discarded

Like everything else

They never had.

Pieces of me

In traces of him

Left me wondering

Why I stood so long in the doorway.


Sometimes in life

We can stand the in door

Looking around a room

Then we need desperately

To close the door.



Sometimes you need to sit

Quietly in the room they left you

Picking up pieces of yourself


When they not only forgot who you were

But never

Not once

Remembered your value.

Sometimes you need to scream

At everyone

For everything.

Because the lie you were fed;

The lie

Forced down your throat

Was not even on the same planet

As the truth.

Sometimes we vacillate

Between the anger that comes from the betrayal

Fear it will happen again

Disgust at the monsters that did it,

And the hurt that stitch up the wound.


We vacillate heavily

Between the urge to die

The fear to live

And the desire to fight.


Everything Around Me

You are the air I take into my lungs

When I take a breath

I am thankful for.

The light I see in the sky

When the stars are shining at night

Just the way we love them.

The art carefully placed

On a wall we built ourselves;

In a life we love to live.

Rain that falls on our roof

Settling in the ground;

Providing it to the land.

You are my world;

Everything around me

Everything I am.

Hades Dog

Once thought he was a devil

Like Hades, only worse.

My life was a absolute mess

Hidden in a curse.

Morning brought me pleasure

The night hid my lie.

The truth revealed a necessity

But I never knew why.

Somehow I walked out

Of this bitter cold fog.

I realized he wasn’t Hades at all;

He was Hades dog.

Secular Appointment

It’s a simple little trick

Some call it a tryst,

You take the hand that feeds you

And turn it into a fist.

You cry about all the soldiers

Lost along the way,

Then turn around, tip your hat

And live another day.

It’s a secular appointment

An arrangement of disarray,

Forming alliances with fools

We met along the way.

Losing garments over trust

You build a faithful few,

Following only those that believe

Exactly like you do.

You appoint, with high regard,

Rich white men to represent you

The problem is they are nothing like

Nor do the things you do.

Get angry over an injustice

That only lasts a day,

But heaven forbid that anyone

Should take your freedom away.

Lose yourself in tiny fragments

Of an undeserving life of hate

You put an angry word on social media

As a simple little bait.

Then, you claim you have no time for that

You have far to much to do.

When suddenly, and thankfully,

There is no more of you.


Simple Little Pleasures We Seek

I knew you wouldn’t stay;

You humans never do,

Although you may know many

You are loyal to just a few.

I knew I’d be a burden;

Far too much for you,

Simple little pleasures we seek

We’d found, if only we knew.

I knew I wouldn’t be enough;

Like a piece of dry toast.

That’s why I didn’t take you as a lover,

Instead I decided to make you my ghost.

I’ll Finally Let You Win

I really want to fight you

I’d like to call you out.

A stranger hidden between the lines

Of an angry and regrettable shout.

Not really one to play games

Though yours, I fell right in.

Isn’t the mark of ungodliness

The essence of a sin?

But I’m not here for karma

That will be your final cuff.

Just can’t wait for her to show up

It doesn’t happen fast enough.

Let down your guard with me again

Show up without your armor.

Like that picture you took in the park

Where you looked like an angry farmer.

Knew when you sent the picture

Of a rather fuzzy penis.

You weren’t exactly playing for keeps

Nor were you a genius.

Today I’m feeling a bit stronger

I think I could take you on.

Would call you out in person,

But I don’t know where you’ve gone.

I will, of course, be pleading innocent

As I never really had a chance.

I’m a victim of adoption;

A product of my circumstance.

You will look like a bully

That just beat up a girl,

A big, ugly, sweaty beast

That just destroyed a pearl.

So let’s get down and dirty

See how these chips fall.

Realizing the way you will come at me

Is a slow, and drunken crawl.

You slowly take off your jacket

Which isn’t the way we begin.

Just this once

Just today, I’ll really let you win.

Did You Feel That?

Did you feel my hand run down his back

As he kissed my face?

Or hear me tell him

The world he made for me

Is exactly what I always wanted?


Somewhere between what is

What never was,

What could never be.

We stood in between them

Somewhere in the midst

With no impunity.

Shed the light of who

But not what

We are.

Leaving only a trace




Did you feel that?

I fell in love

It wasn’t with you..

Now who will you call

When you’re bored?

Where Are You Now?

Raindrops hit my tin roof

I counted each and every one.

They said I’d have a daughter for you

Instead, it was a son.

A mark of the cross on his forehead

The sun was on his back.

Left prison for the war

But wasn’t ready for the attack.

Hid him once in the attic

Wasn’t ready for the reveal.

Cost took an angry toll

You didn’t think he was real.

Named him after Arcedes

The God of all of life.

He’ll make someone a lover

But never take a wife.


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