Scenes of Life

Traces of what was

Yet what will never be

Left laying in places

I don’t reach for anymore.

Scenes of life

Playing on a screen

Nobody but me

Watches anymore.

Tears disappear into a river

A body once discovered

With much discord

Yet no belief.

Wrap sin into a napkin

Only to place it on a table

In an empty house

Surrounded by trees.

The noise we made

Words we typed

Were left to notification

That there were many more

Left unsaid


And forever lost

In a language

We weren’t even able

To speak.



Undeniably in the Middle

What stands before me is the future

I thought I deserved

But never thought I’d get.

What stands behind me

Is the past

I would do anything to erase.

I stand undeniably in the middle

Ready for what is to be..

Ready for what is to come..

What I Didn’t Do

I Didn’t climb the forest to see what was ahead of me

Push the ground to make sure everything was solid.

Head towards the easiest target I could find

Lose myself and integrity in my loss.

Steal birds from their nests to test frailty

Seize the moment, at exactly the wrong time

Find myself lost, then claim it to be so.


I didn’t crush what I could of my past

To make my future pay for it,

I lived there for years

Uncertain as to what was going to become of me.

I didn’t waver in my inability to chase peace

Or wonder what the cost off all that would be.


What I didn’t do was sit around

Whether I was damaging


Or healing.

, poe

Afraid of the Dark

Hands wrapped around my waist

I think we’ve taken this too far.

Incredulous eyes scan the perimeter

But all I see is my car.

My first thought is I need to flee

But I’ve really nowhere to go.

The second thought is of course to fight,

And man, wouldn’t that be a show.


Blue ravens fly around

We try not to get too scared.

She asked me thrice if I’ve repented

I decided she would be spared.

Origins of Native lands

Some still tied to trees.

We give in when we have to;

But we’ll never be on our knees.


We drove for miles away from the crime

We didn’t know where to park.

One has to wonder why in all this danger

I could still be afraid of the dark?

Who I Am

I’m the wolf that is on the prowl
The eagle flying in an endless sky
The moment you feel the pain of denial
But nobody can tell you why.

A bitter truth said in haste
In a moment of inner reflection
They said I’d have a moment to spare
But I was never going in your direction.

A bonfire it took you days to build
The rain that keeps you from burning
That endless thought in your empty head
That keeps the lust churning.

The bluest eyes you will never see
A perfect set of breasts
You’ll never touch what you cannot obtain
And you’ll never pass my tests.

I am free like the air you exhale
The last breath you’ll ever take
A momentary glance at beautiful
That’s a terrible mistake.

A shot fired from a lazy gun
With a misguided intent at a fall
A butterfly that sits on a branch
And the cognition that kills it all.

The letter that comes in the mail to you
That smells of rose and ash
The wine you took to ease the pain
The terrible burden of cash.

I am the moment you see death at first
And the very first sign of life
A deal gone wrong in a horrible game
Called “lets make this woman a wife.”

The sun when it breaks above the crest
A guest that is a bitter sham
All these things can describe me sometimes
But none of them are who I really am.

Diary of a Mad Woman

She slowly walks parks at night

Just to see what strange things lurk

In the darkness.

Hand feeds animals

Nobody should even be around

Let alone feed.

Dances in the pouring rain

While everyone else

Runs for cover.

Keeps her hair pinned up

So nobody can see

Its beauty.


Strained hearts against a life

Foretold by a woman years ago

Led the mad woman down a path

Nobody could see coming.


At one point she came to a split in the road

One path was short, but had no hurdles

The other very long, but had thorns and branches covering it.


Coming out of the path

Beaten and worn

She finally wrote her memoirs

“Diary of a Mad Woman.”

Discord of Justice

One step took me to the fulfillment of my desire

The next few took it all away from me.

Every step after that I didn’t remember

It took years to build myself up again.

Lost myself in the discord of justice

So much that I turned into something

I truly didn’t like.

Lucidity slapped an angry hand

Still reeling from the prospect

That one thing going wrong

Meant nothing had gone right.


Riding rather carelessly

On a horse named Death.

Traipsing through meadows

When a storm approached.

I jumped off to grab a drink from the stream.


Death began running feverishly towards home

When everything and everyone ran out of its way.

Nothing wants to get in the way of Death.

Where I Was

Lost somewhere in my anger

My desperate desire for revenge

The hopelessness that comes

From being nobody.

Surrounded by the vultures

But not feeling dead enough

For them to scavenge on me.

Caught between the beauty of a woman

The cautiousness of a victim

Desires of my heart

The fear of my mind.

Hidden between the lies of my past

Promise of my future

And everything

That lies in between.

Wanting everyone to care

But nobody to feel sorry..


Realizing that every line

Of everything

I ever wrote

Took me

A lifetime

To write.

A Website.

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