TIt Tat

Tit Tat

We took that one back

Nobody noticed the stars at night;

Nobody misses that.


Tit Tat

We once lost track

Finding the pieces of the future

Didn’t make us last.


Tit Tat

Smokey little rat

Settled what you could this time

Then took it all back.


Tit Tat

You knew I wanted that

Scenes played out like yesterday

Without the welcome mat.


Tit Tat

We are all a little fat;

Singing songs we didn’t know

Because we didn’t want to chat.



Hand of the desert

Between the rush of wind

Cry of the rain

And the warmth of the sun.


Between the ice cold rush

Of anger driven snow

Falling on pines.


Melting like I’m supposed to.

Winds of Truth

Winds of truth blow past

A beautiful collection.

Fall leaves laying gently on a path

Each saying something different

Yet the forgiving ground left my feet

Aching from the walk.

Now I cannot find my anger;

Thinking I left it right here on the bend

But it is nowhere to be found.


Asked him twice if he liked the idea

Of dying drunk and alone in his truck.

No words came out of his mouth this day

Nothing but the stench of cheap beer

Gently floating around the cab.


Misused and misunderstood were my backbone

The one I used to cast everyone aside

As I saw fit.


Evil may have some kind of persistence

But it lacks the patience and refinement

Of good.


Don’t Waste Your Time

My mother is the beauty of the earth

Trees, sky and stars.

See her all around me

Even encompassing Mars.

My father is the weather

Storms and all the snow.

He punishes me with freedom

But stayed to watch me grow.

Hated all my life

For who they thought I was from.

Wrong, every one of them

The poor, deluded scum.

They, stuck with a witch and a drunk

While I get the earth.

Regardless, both of my parents

Were there at my birth.

One providing the air around her

The other, the room.

The moment of my birth

A flower was bound to bloom.

My father is the air I breathe,

My mother leads the way.

Unlike most other parents

They never lead me astray.

There is no reason to hate me

For I am from the land.

Not an unwanted child

But given a touching hand.

Don’t waste your time

Trying to hate the orphan.

I have the parents you never did

And much, much more fun.

Little Reasons

Crying, but not for long

Taking a lie, as the absolute truth

Knowing they hated me

Not for who I was, but for where I came from.

Seasons changed the child

But never changed course.

A lifetime of hate

Inside a little girl

That knew nothing else

But how to love


Giving them little reasons

For their hate.

One Shot Left

A battle of wits

In a battlefield I was born in.

A life a little twisted from the events

I never asked for

But later thanked for happening.

Shot at all the targets

Whether they knew the battle raged

Or it completely caught them off guard.

Distanced myself from everyone

With no scope

To make the shot.

So I guess distance

Will just have to do.


I had one shot left

For years.

I Believe You

I believe you..

Even though you were drunk

Or wore tight clothing

Didn’t scream

Or didn’t tell them to stop.

Although they are rich

And you are poor,

They are coveted athletes

And you are a cashier at a bookstore.

Although you are male

Or young

Or said yes to this person 100 times before.

I believe you..

Even if nobody else does.

Even if the police ask you stupid questions

Even if the court determines you don’t have a case

Even if they find them innocent at trial.

I hear you..

Even when you feel like nobody else is

Even when nobody else is

Even when the world seems to turn its back on you.

Even though you were too young to understand

Even though you never told anyone.

Even though you feel like it is your deep dark secret.

I will shout for you..

Even though you couldn’t right then

Even when the media dies down

People put down their signs

I’ll never stop shouting for you.


Silence is a Killer

When all you want in your life

Is to hear their voice one more time,

Tell them how your day was

Ask them a question about life

Have them listen to your new favorite song

Show them a car you just got

Hear them breathe.

When you would give anything

Absolutely anything

To touch them

Take them somewhere

No matter how insignificant.

But you cannot

Because this silence

Is deafening.

Seen in the Dust

Boots scape across the grass

Laying it down

For a brief moment.

Grass rises again

Dust settles

But the fragements

That seem to remain

Within us

Is seen in the dust

We leave behind.


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