I’ll Finally Let You Win

I really want to fight you

I’d like to call you out.

A stranger hidden between the lines

Of an angry and regrettable shout.

Not really one to play games

Though yours, I fell right in.

Isn’t the mark of ungodliness

The essence of a sin?

But I’m not here for karma

That will be your final cuff.

Just can’t wait for her to show up

It doesn’t happen fast enough.

Let down your guard with me again

Show up without your armor.

Like that picture you took in the park

Where you looked like an angry farmer.

Knew when you sent the picture

Of a rather fuzzy penis.

You weren’t exactly playing for keeps

Nor were you a genius.

Today I’m feeling a bit stronger

I think I could take you on.

Would call you out in person,

But I don’t know where you’ve gone.

I will, of course, be pleading innocent

As I never really had a chance.

I’m a victim of adoption;

A product of my circumstance.

You will look like a bully

That just beat up a girl,

A big, ugly, sweaty beast

That just destroyed a pearl.

So let’s get down and dirty

See how these chips fall.

Realizing the way you will come at me

Is a slow, and drunken crawl.

You slowly take off your jacket

Which isn’t the way we begin.

Just this once

Just today, I’ll really let you win.


Did You Feel That?

Did you feel my hand run down his back

As he kissed my face?

Or hear me tell him

The world he made for me

Is exactly what I always wanted?


Somewhere between what is

What never was,

What could never be.

We stood in between them

Somewhere in the midst

With no impunity.

Shed the light of who

But not what

We are.

Leaving only a trace




Did you feel that?

I fell in love

It wasn’t with you..

Now who will you call

When you’re bored?

Where Are You Now?

Raindrops hit my tin roof

I counted each and every one.

They said I’d have a daughter for you

Instead, it was a son.

A mark of the cross on his forehead

The sun was on his back.

Left prison for the war

But wasn’t ready for the attack.

Hid him once in the attic

Wasn’t ready for the reveal.

Cost took an angry toll

You didn’t think he was real.

Named him after Arcedes

The God of all of life.

He’ll make someone a lover

But never take a wife.


He Used to Believe

There was a time when he believed in love

He believed so vehemently in soul mates

That nobody could talk him out of it.

The idea of getting married

Even having children

Excited him,

Made him feel like he could finally be whole.

Then I came in

Angry and absurd


Threw all his dreams

Out a window he didn’t remember.

So when you get involved with him

Understand that I destroyed him

For no other reason

Than I could.


I Honor My Brother

I honor my Christian brother

On his knees every morning

Praying to his God for his day

He has been blessed with.

I honor my Muslim brother

In these trying times

Where people confuse you

For the wrongdoings of others.

Where your religion has been slandered

By those that would do harm

Where you would not.

I honor my Catholic bother

Taking his child to be baptized

Giving them the chance to have parents

When you are no longer able.

I honor my Mormon brother

Going out on his own

To tell what he knows

His relationship

With his God.

I honor my Amish brother

Living life his way

The way his ancestors did

The way my ancestors did

Decades ago.

I honor my Hindu brother

Living in balance

With how he lives his life.

Knowing that doing good

Will reap the same.

I honor my Buddhist brother

In his search for the enlightenment

That eludes most of us.

I honor all the people

That believe that something

Or themselves

Can help them reach

Their full potential

And in turn

Make the world

A better place.




Passion of Betrayal

When our hands touched

The universe took its sweet time

Letting me know


Would be alright again.

When your lips touched mine

Oh wait

That never happened.

There is a passion in betrayal

Nobody understands

Until the moment they realize

Someone they love

Has done something so terrible to them

That the damage

Is more than they can take.

They are left damaged

Beyond any amount

Of repair.

Standing Next to Death

Swirling winds around me

Lifts my hair in front of my face

So the only thing I can see

Are traces of who I was

Before this unnatural storm.

Rain starts hitting my shoulders

As I stand to reap

What, apparently, I deserve.

Tears get lost in the raindrops

Because there is no reaching out

For the proud

And downtrodden.

They begin screaming at me

In languages and dialects

I don’t understand.

Promising to take their wine,

If only they promised

The death would be quick.

But that was too easy,

Nobody wanted death

But me.

Once I was standing next to death

Here, in the oracles office

With the wind trying to rip me apart,

The rain trying to drown me,

Voices trying to break me down

Yet nothing wins

When nothing remains.


The Most Pitiful Request

You prey upon the weakest of us,

Those that are wandering lost

And alone, in a world filled with people

Pretending to be busy.

We are the downtrodden

The forgotten ones

Wandering paths that we didn’t choose

Nor would we have

If we were given the choice.

We are so very lonely

Craving the attention of someone


We are the kindhearted

The ones that give

With no idea what it would be like

To take.

We sit blindly

As you tell us everything

We’ve ever wanted to hear.

As you gain trust,

We lose.

As you gain a heart you don’t deserve

We lose.

As you gain the secrets of our lives

We lose.

There is nothing in this

Little game

That we don’t know we are playing

That we understand.

We are a pawn

Nothing more.


Serrated edges on a knife

Pulled skin to the side

To release the blood within.

When will it stop bleeding?

You Don’t Know

You just don’t know…

What is like to hurt, until you have heard your child say they hate you.

What it is like to lose something, until you turn around in the store and your 2 year old is nowhere to be found.

What it is like to love, until you give it completely to someone unconditionally.

What it is like to be torn apart, until that person walks out of your life without reason.

What it is like to be poor, until you don’t have a dime, and need to take your child to the doctor.

What it is like to be mean, until someone does something terrible to someone you love.

What it is like to give everything of yourself, until you find out that your best friend just died 14 minutes after a terrible argument.

What is like to touch someone, until your gentle words make them cry.

What is like to hate, until you find out someone has come into your home and taken everything you own.

What your character is made of, until something happens to make you question everything.

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