My goodness, what happened?

Did you get caught one night?

Everything you were working on

End up being a huge waste?

Did it break your heart

When you had to stop playing

Like a fool?


Sometimes lies hide in aftermath

Begging to be found.

It doesn’t matter the music

As long as you hear the sound.


Hordes of angry people come

But they are too lazy to actually fight.

Men have often dropped the battle

For what they thought was right.


Women are much different, you see

For they fight for nothing at all.

They rise with bitter anger at righteousness

But always take the fall.


Whoring as a hobby at night

Pretending a victim of her life.

Suddenly her hero arrives

Just in time to make her his wife.


When she decides her hero is Satan

She vows to end the hate.

She must leave him at once in haste!

Then find another mate.


My goodness what has happened to you?

Did you sell your honor for sex?

Make you shut off the computer did she?

Well.. How unfair is that?


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