The Right to Remain Silent

Hidden in whispers of the dark

Behind the lights and cameras;

The filming of life.

We shut off the smoke machine

Because that part of our story is over.

We clear the stage

Dismiss the audience

Then carry on with what is left of our lives.


Circumstance remains at bay

Nothing ever goes my way

And sometimes I think the cost is too damn high.


They think I’m a sadistic bitch

Because I constantly discount the rich

Wear the pride of being poor on my face.


Suddenly they desire more

When they get it they call her a whore

I’m not sure the label is warranted of this girl.


Two years I worried what I put into word

Never quite knowing what you heard

No matter what it was, it cost me dearly.


Begging for a piece of relief

A synopsis, albeit brief

Lies in wait for the trashing of my past.


Having the right to remain silent

Was virtually self reliant

Because nobody stepped in to save the day.


Cropped a picture once of you and I

My how time does truly fly

Now I don’t remember loving you at all.


Silence is the new scream

Ignoring me your favorite dream

I’m left wondering what I did so wrong.


Life left me decapitated

When everything is satiated

Then I worry nothing is going right.










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