Rain makes no sound

Until it hits something.

I make no move

Until something hits me.


He carries a deck of cards in his pocket

To him, life is simply a game.

“we’ll see whom I can get to fall for this

When it doesn’t work out, she’ll be to blame.”


I was his victim once

Fell for it hook, line, and sinker

It wasn’t that he was a horrible man

It was his lies that made him a stinker.


He’ll tell you all the sweetest things

None of them, of course, are true.

He’ll hate your family, not know your friends,

Yet want desperately to marry you.


He never proved his worth to anyone

Said it wasn’t his duty to do!

Yet when real life took a strangle on me

Out the window he flew.


These men should wear a jokers face

Or at least have all the same name.

That way at least we could distinguish

Who was real, and who was just playing a game.