Twist of Fate

It’s a heavy twist of fate

With a little magic on the side

We’d like to stay we stayed in the middle

But honestly, we never even tried.

Sex takes command some nights

We spend hours talking about that

Then something seemingly little

Causes us to spat.

Yet we always whisper in darkness

He doesn’t know I’ve strayed

In spite of all our retention

I was never able to get laid.

Sometimes we hang on too tightly

Sometimes we just let go

We wane and ebb just like the sea

It wasn’t our most spectacular show.

In a strange twist of fate in my life

A season forgot to transition

Sent honor and dignity home one night

Without an honorable mention.

I pointed my finger to the sky

Told him we all hated creation

The sanctity of what stood before us

Wasn’t worthy of our damnation.

Yet flowers grew in the midst of winter

We stood watching them break through

Nobody wanted to stay too long

As my disdain for men grew.

One captured my attention

He wasn’t honest, it was a lie

A man too weak to bear his burden

A man too withered to try.

A ring fell off his hand one day

Onto a plate he made

She asked him if he dared his luck

Or if he wanted to die by the blade.


Tirades gain us knowledge

What is in a persons heart

What ends as a horrible lesson

Begins as a glorious start.





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