Where Are You?

When words we cannot mince

Or dice up like an onion

We must be careful of our fate

Lest we make it our last dance.

I don’t know where you have gone

Don’t know who to ask

When you wander around your city

Are there things there that remind you

That you are in love with me?

Or does everything point in the direction

Of you walking away?


The only thing I want to know


Where are you?


Laid up in someones arms

Carefully detecting a woman’s charm

Or hanging in the balance in between?


Having a drink with friends

Knowing alcohol never mends

The heart of a man broken straight in two?


Sleeping in his nice warm loft

Duvet that is oh so soft

Missing out on all that I could give.


Are you tearing apart an angry man

Or complimenting a good looking fan

Then realizing life is so much more than this?


Singing in the highest chord

Or sitting in a concert bored

I just wonder where in this world are you?





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