The Longer You Wait

We women try to understand

But after a while

We can only assume

The worst.


We perpetuated the love within

Cried a thousand worthless tears

None of it made any difference

Or changed our fate at all.


Falling just a tad short

Of what was to be something grand

I sighed the day I knew it was lost

My voice cracked at the sound of honesty.


In my female mind I thought it was me

Maybe I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough..

Though everyone kept telling me

That wasn’t the case.


Wishing to transform one day

Much like lycanthropy

But when I wake the next day

I am still only a human.


We can wish our souls never met

Or that feelings could just go away

But they never do

Not really, anyway.


The longer you wait

For anything

The less desirable it becomes

Until you no longer want it at all.





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