A woman stands at the edge of a cliff

Her desire to nosedive off of it is palpable.

If she stays where she is then she is miserable

If she moves away, she still knows the cliff is there

If she jumps, she knows the show is over.


Anyone could have been her saviour

Someone could have talked her away

Yet nobody wanted to take extra time.


She stands there biting her fingernail

When a charlatan arrives

Praises her beauty

Confuses his love for his desire

Then twists her mind into something tangible

For him.


We called him ‘hunch’

Because it is how we thought he saw her.


When he thought he had her reeled in

And she was worth nothing to him any longer

Without raising a hand

He pushed her

Right off the cliff.


He was her last chance of love, of peace, harmony.. But he had no love, peace, or harmony in him..

if I




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