Like a penny stuck to the ground

By a chewed up and discarded piece of gum.

Or a laptop laying at the dump

That even the birds don’t want to eat.

A key you never use on the keyboard

Or the word you once knew the meaning of.

The memory of a person that faded

Until you know nothing about them.


Born into an unfortunate circumstance

She lays there, unwanted, for weeks.

Unheard cries for things like food


Far beyond the desire for love…

The way she entered the world

Is exactly the fucking same

As she will leave.


So terribly misused by people

In events she had no purpose within.

Extra baggage she carried to town once

Nobody helped her unpack.

A worm she found and believed

Whispered lies in lieu of truth

All evens in her past she concedes

Were mistakes before they occurred.

Once ripped of her dignity

This one took her pride away

Then waved it in the air

Every year for a decade.

It matters not that he has no fans

Nobody is a bigger fan of himself than he.

But for all her mistakes

Her misjudgement of people

And what they wanted  from her

She finds herself



“We are gathered here today

To honor the life and memory

Of this poor fallen woman.

Nobody wanted to step forward to speak for her

So I will end with saying

She was God’s child.”


Witnesses bore their versions of the truth

The rest simply re-wrote history.

What you couldn’t learn about her by word of mouth

She left in book form you can buy for a price.


Three times her headstone has been knocked down

By schoolchildren that heard the stories

Of how this worthless woman sinned

With embellishment for those

That wanted to feel better

About their own sin.


Within her book “Natural happenings”

It opens with her desire

The one within her heart

Of a beautiful, clean home

Sat in the country

With fence all around it

Children playing in the yard

Her husband, completely devoted.

She happily swirls around the house

Doing the mundane

And ecstatic over it.

A huge contrast

To the cardboard box

They found her dead body in.





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