You can lack morality all you like

Spread your filth all over that town

Muck it the fuck up with your angst about life

About how everyone has treated you so poorly

Cry at your weakest moments

Then shout when you believe you have been wronged!

Nobody is paying attention to you anyway

Even the prostitute you slept with last night

Thinks you lack gratitude.

Thick and heavy lies go to the most innocent of souls

Where you justify your actions

With everything that has happened to you.

A part of you lies on a dock

At a summer home

Where your parents nearly let you drown.

I don’t know if it has ever occurred to you

But you have never stopped



He lies in a bed with a woman

With conviction, he will not leave her side

No matter what she has done

Or ever said to him

And it has been plenty.

Everyone in his life

Has told him over and over

To get rid of her

But he absolutely will not.

Until the day this man dies

He will love this woman

Protect her

Lose friends over her.


Because once his father walked out

On him, his mother, and siblings

So he knows what it feels like

To be left

And he hated it.


She brushes her hair one morning

It all begins to fall out

On the ground around her.

She screams and cries

Stops brushing in hopes it will stop

But it doesn’t.

She now sits in the chair

Staring at her bald head

Wondering if she will ever look human again.


Because in the standard version of beaty

She is supposed to have hair

Supposed to be thin

Supposed to wear makeup.

Right now she struggles to live

She battles with cancer

Which is taking all preconceived notions of beauty

And throwing them out the window.


She has to think she is beautiful

Without hair

Without makeup




But alive.




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