It was our third date and he knew very little

About what it meant to satisfy me

I figured tonight I would show him.

When he was done eating dinner

I had taken hardly any time to prepare

He placed his napkin on the table

Which was my cue to begin.

Began by unbuttoning my dress

Looking straight at him

He sighs.

When I get to the last button I let my dress fall

To the floor.

I kneel in front of him

While he sits in his chair

Not really knowing what to do.

I assume no woman has taken charge like this

So It was time to unbutton his shirt

Pull it off of him

Then undo his pants

Have him stand up

Then pull them to the ground.

I begin breathing on his boxers

Just inches away ..

I stand and face him

Feeling his hardness against my body,

We kiss.

I begin biting at his lip

Then move to his neck

And shoulder

Down his chest

Pull his boxers down

As I kneel on the floor in front of him

Looking up at him

His eyes ask

“What do we do now?”