Maybe She Is..

I hear you say you don’t want her

Because of all the pain she has caused

Maybe if you knew the reason

Your conclusion would have taken a pause.

Maybe she’s afflicted with guilt

Maybe it tears her up inside.

Maybe to hear you talk of her poorly

Makes her want to run and hide.

Maybe you pushed her over the line

Maybe she doesn’t care anymore.

Maybe if you took her somewhere quiet

You could see she is so much more.

Maybe she’s done with the fighting

Maybe she’s done with the pain.

Maybe she’s been hurt so many times

She doesn’t want to go through it again.

Maybe you took her for granted

One too many times.

Maybe you pushed so far past hers

She doesn’t give a fuck about lines.

Maybe she screams so you hear her

Maybe she doesn’t feel heard.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t listen

To what she thinks really occurred.

Maybe you should show her she matters

Push past all this pain you’ve been through.

Maybe she is a bit twisted

But your stupid if you don’t think she belongs with you.   0000000000000000000001aaaaaaa


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