There is a spotlight

In the distance

Only my heart can see.

There is a ray of hope


If only I believe.

He is my redeemer

My faith

All hope and dignity.

I hear his music

I feel his hands

I know what I am to see.

He knows my troubled past

My bad decisions

And he still is proud of me.


There is a spotlight

Just up ahead

A couple trials away.

I know I’ll get to it

When I get through them

As long as I don’t stray.

Finally have hope now

Through a shattered soul

That he always plans to stay.

He’ll shelter me

Clothe me

Then keep me every day.


There s a ray of hope

In everything

For those of us that have suffered through our pain.

There is this moment

Of revelation

Where we can all begin again.

There is a heaven

Where we can lay our weary heads

And finally feel sane.

There is a moment you will realize

You –

Have nothing but good to gain.


There is a spotlight

For those of us

That believe.




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