Twisted Fate

I realized through a sense of reason

There was no purpose for my scorn

It was hastily reasoned I was the purpose

Though the scroll we read was torn.

Sixty seven times you were right

I doubted sixty eight

Rules exchanged through heated discussion

Tend to come a little too late.


When we held out our hands for treasure

They gave us a little prize

It wasn’t nearly as much as we planned

But it came as no surprise.

I’ve gotten lost in a thought sometimes

Much to the dismay of the speaker

I’ve always liked the thought of passion

It is like lust, only weaker.


If there are two paths ahead of me

I’ll always look for the third

When a book contains nothing but pictures

I’ll always look for the word.

A meager dressing is better than none

A twisted fate is always the deal

You can come in with hands of gold

But I know what you’ll steal.




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