Look at Him!

I stand and watch him eat breakfast;

He always ate like a pig

With his mouth open and food falling out,

Then he’d wipe it with his hands

And rub it on his jeans.

For years I watched him eat

He is a slob, that is for sure.

He grabs his cup of coffee up

Spills it out of one side

Then doesn’t even clean up the mess

He just leaves it

For days.


Then we get into the car;

He never says a word to me

He doesn’t even look at me anymore.

He drives like an idiot

Barely paying attention to the road

He’d rather watch his telephone

To see if that woman has written him back on Facebook.

When he gets to a stoplight, he snatches his phone up

Types something out rather quickly

Then continues on his way.

I hate hearing that *ding* on his phone

The one that tells him that woman has written back.


We get out of the car and say nothing

He doesn’t say goodbye

Doesn’t make plans for lunch anymore,

He just rushes into work

With that damn phone in his pocket.


When he gets off of work I meet him at the pub

He’s drinking with some friends of his

The ones that think he is a hero

Because he lied about his past.

They don’t even call him by his proper name.

I sit and listen to him talk

His laugh has now gotten to the point

That I hate it.


After drinking and laughing with his buddies

He goes home

To an empty house,

Lies down on his bed

In the same clothes he went to work in.


I sit in a chair by his bed


If at any point in all of these days

He thinks about me?

Does he remember the events

That took my life from me?

Will he ever face up to it?


Look at him

Living life

While I am not.


falling down


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