A rigorous course of medicine

Taught him that our bodies

Can ruin us.

It can take a healthy, able man

Turn him into ash

In days.


He met her on a rainy walk

Time flew, and they still talk

All these years it is all they’ve ever done.


Their lives tick by so very fast

Hoping that somehow this love will last

Yet neither were prepared for him to die.


She got angry at the entire world

As he faith in humanity unfurled

Yet never really reasoned the whole thing out.


A preacher told her once of fate

How you should never, ever, ever wait

Because life is precarious balance with death.


He explained to her how maybe next time

She could understand, without a rhyme

You don’t have time to sit around on your ass.


If you want something, you take it now

Fuck the parable about a cow

If you see someone you love, you let them know.


If you move in their house on the third date

It’s good, because you don’t have time to wait

If you want to spend any time at all with them.


Life doesn’t care how much you love

How much you pray to God above

All is taken from you when the time is right.


Now she is just an angry soul

Undeterred from her broken role

Nobody thought she would ever come to her senses.


Undefined within a rhyme

She found the courage, and the time

She finally went to church one winter day.


God spoke to her heart one afternoon

Told her love would come to her soon

But she had to believe he wanted what was best.


That winter day it was very cold

Her bones were feeling so very old

But across the room she saw these dark brown eyes.


Life doesn’t end when they die

But you have to believe that life is a lie

The only truth we have is in the ground.


When you see someone with a faithless soul

Remind them that their life is whole

Because they have a God that loves them as they are.


i will kiss him tomorrow




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