I imagined him riding on a horse

One of those expensive ones

He borrowed from a friend.

Moving gracefully across the sand

From a distance –

He looked great.

I agreed to all the terms and conditions

Even the little white lies

He like to throw in.


Evil isn’t the nasty sin

Spewing from his mouth.

It’s the angry letter or broken words

That makes everything start heading south.


Whispers that he has another

So they begin to call me “pause.”

I’m his distraction from the one he wants

The terminal disease, but not the cause.


A little too much wine one night

And he confesses of his sin,

But not before his wavering want

Which is desires of the skin.


What should have been the afterglow

Ended with much disdain

Phones were disconnected

All I heard from there is rain.


I stepped back from the edge in horror

Realizing he put me there

He said he liked everything about me

Yet all he complimented was my hair.


He wanted me to jump from that cliff

To find another distraction

A woman that would believe the lies

With a little more attraction.


He wanted to be a hero

Reckless without a cause

I was merely a substitute

His not so subtle pause.


everyones stranger





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