Drinking Wine

There is darkness in lightness

A whisper within a lie

The truth evades the one who waits

And trust me, he’s no spy.

When it comes to eluding and evading

He is more than just a whiz

You’ll know a few tiny facts

But you’ll never know who he is.


Tears spread across a page

As I’ve written every betrayal

The thing about lying to a smart woman

Is she’s always on your tail.


Then there is the romantic poet

With more women that he can count

He handed out praise like candy

But never gave anyone a discount.


There is also within this the angry one

So full of angst and rage

He could read the most beautiful book

And he’d always burn the page.

I could be in the depths of talking

He’d walk away like he does

Then comes back the next day all sweetly

While my day is all abuzz.


I was thinking of just walking away

But a taunting is more fun

Though in my world I’m kinda harsh

This time I’ll forgo the gun.


The spy can keep his lies

The poet can keep his ladies

The angry one can keep his disdain

I’ll be here drinking wine with Hades.







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