There is something beautiful about the tangible in life. The things we can reach out and touch with our hands.

There is something remarkable about eyes that can speak to one another without saying a word.

There is something calming in the warmth of another person, especially when they are right there next to you.

There is something touching about two people that needn’t speak to one another, a small smile can say everything.

There is something sexy about reaching over and touching someone, especially when you know they love being touched by you.

There is something appealing about having someone beside you that you can call your own.

There is something exquisite about a man waiting years for just the right moment to profess his love.

There is something mysterious in a person that you love, even when they completely open up to you.

There is beauty in a love that no writer has ever been able to even touch on, which is why it is written about so much.

There is something wonderful about having that tangible love that everyone seems to desire.

There is something powerful in knowing that someone loves you so much they would lay down their life for you.

There is something wonderful in moments you don’t even remember.

There is something beautiful in moments that you forgot to capture on film.

There is something magical in every second that you believe.




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