I had my nightclothes on

So I slipped on my robe

Drove over to his house

Knocked on the door.

He wasn’t expecting me

I had never come over this late.


His brown eyes were weary

Of a long day he had.

I told him I just wanted to come in

And no, I wasn’t sad.

I just wanted him to touch me

In places he never has before.

Friends for years and probably for life

Now I just want a little bit more.

He looks at me so tenderly

Takes me by the hand

His place is beautiful out here

A house surrounded by gorgeous land.

We begin to kiss and he’s touching me

It has been years since either of us were touched.

We move over into the bedroom after a while

With our bodies firmly clutched.

Heat rose from our core

While our love filled the air.

When he finished and he was kissing me

I still felt him everywhere.

Tender is the night that is long

Filled with a passionate embrace

Not those screaming for your attention

But for the one right there in your face.



hot mess