I knelt before him

Gave him my word

Gave him my life

Told him it was all in his hands now.


Blessings my beloved child

You have come before me today

With demons behind you.

They cloud your beauty,

Block your magnificence,

Shadow your sun.

I will rid of them for you.”


I felt lighter somehow

Got off my knees

Felt less burdened

Less weighed down.

A few days passed

I felt heavy again

More burdened

Than I had even felt before.

Weeks later

I fell back to my knees.


I can rid you of these demons again

But you need to stop calling them back.”


I didn’t know what he meant

Didn’t feel like I was calling anything.

So I paid attention as I went about my life

I saw when the people came through

That didn’t share my belief

I became quiet and distant.

When people came along

To remind me of my past

I felt guilty and angry.

So I stopped all that

Got on my knees

Told them all to go away

This time for good.


When you get angry


When people are doubting you

Or nobody is doubting you

When you wake

When you go to sleep..


Go to him.. And pray.