Picture a little girl

On a huge stage

Slowly walking up to a microphone.

She is shaking


Worried about the reception

Of what she is about to tell

The world.


You cannot throw money at this

You absolutely must throw you heart at it.

So many of us have been abused

We hide other people’s shame

For them.


It is time for us all to stand up

To share our stories

One by one

And stop hiding other people’s crimes

Stop hiding their shame

For us this time.


Then we must stand together

Unified as a people

Loving and caring for one another

As friends with a common bond.


She stands at the microphone

Takes in a deep breath

Then exhales.

Tells us all a story of her young life

That brings us to tears.

It is a story of not being wanted

Of terrible abuse

At the hands of those

She was supposed to trust.

When she was done

She took the microphone out of the stand

And held it out to the audience.




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