She's Not Gone Yet

Remember how tough you were

When you broke up?

How you said you could go on without her

Just fine?

Whatever happened with that?


Like a sleeping tigress

In the recesses of your mind;

She lies in wait.

You throw your flirting

Around a crowded and drunken room

But nobody takes the bait.


A song comes on just then

That one by The Rolling Stones

You two used to dance to.

You shake your head

Because you know you’ve awoken

The hurt beast within you.


Then you see her eyes

In a girl across the room

And you sigh.

Remember the rainy night

You felt it so terribly necessary

To tell her goodbye?


Nobody is funny like her

Or can match wits with you

At your best.

Remember her standing

At the door

With nothing on but a vest?


You quietly remember hearing her

In your ear

As she came.

Today she sits around

Telling everyone

You were just playing a game.


Now you can’t shake

Her memory

Or make it go away.

How do you ever get something

To go –

That you really want to stay?


A woman walks past you just then

With the beautiful smell

Of her perfume.

A costly remark once

Led you both

Straight to your bedroom.


Friends hit you on the shoulder

Say you cannot bed the woman over there

And you take that bet.

The problem remains

Within all this noise

Is ‘she’ isn’t gone yet.





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