New Website & Book!

I wanted a huge change for my website, so I went with a different service, and like this one much better. It was a little harder to set up, for those of us that are not very adept at website building, but I think the end result was great.

The new address is


In addition to that, I have a new book out titled “Never Quite Broken.” It is 194 pages of my poetry, with a contribution from a dear friend of mine. It will be out on Kindle shortly, but here is the link to the paperback version.

Never Quite Broken – Book


As always, I thank everyone that supports me in my writing, whether you read it and love it or hate it, I’m just happy we can connect through this medium.

This is my 10th book, and though I had at one time stated I was going to quit publishing my poetry in book form, I’ve been told over and over that people want something they can hold in their hands and read, so I’ve gone back to publishing it.



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