He was a bit slow;

Took things literally.

So when they told him

Jesus was in the light

He followed the sun.

Every morning when the sun came out

He would look outside in joy,

Get dressed,

Run outside,

Put his face into the sun,

And pray.

Sometimes he would walk

Seemingly straight into the sun

While telling everyone he saw

How ‘the light’ is right there!

Why can’t they see it?

By the middle of summer

His face was red,

He had a few blisters on it,

But he didn’t care,

He went through the same routine

Every morning

And stayed in the sun

All day.


They told him he would lose his face

If he didn’t give up this race

But he didn’t seem to care.


He said God loves us all

He’ll see us through the fall

That’s all that matters to him.


“The sun will be going down soon”

“That’s alright I’ll look at the moon”

God always gives us light.


Happy to have found the one

That takes care of him like a son

Now he will never let that go.