He hung a photo on the wall

Of a terrible weakness.

We all have them

He is trying to get over his.

The rain falls on a leaf

That suffocates it

Yet it is dying anyway

So nobody cares.

A disaster comes to a city

Ill prepared for the fight

While waves take people to death

It makes everything so much more permanent.

Falling asleep on the bus

Money is taken out of his jacket.

It was meant for his mother

That needed it to buy food.

Shells sit on the beach

Where bodies were taken out to sea

She wonders if one of them

Might be her husband.

A war fought years ago

Still haunts him every day

As he looks at the faces of people walking by

He wonders which is the enemy, and which is not.

The whole entire time he was telling her

She didn’t cry at all

But when he slams the door on her future

She comes completely undone.

As I sit and look at all the faces

I wonder which is the fallen soldier

And if he ever found peace

Or he continues to fight the war.

I wonder if that woman ever found someone

To love her

Or if she replays that betrayal

Over and over in her head.

Maybe you don’t think of them

Or you judge them

For mental illness

Their color

The woman being a single parent

Their religion.

Your weakness then

Is apparent

Even more so

Than theirs.

Humans have the ability

To lift one another up

To praise our individual strengths

To love one another

With no regard

For anything.

Whether you are the soldier

The city

The single woman with children

The broken woman of betrayal

You have strength within you

A fortitude that is unmatched.

Lies are written in sand

And washed away

With the next tide.

The truth is carved in stone

And remains

Through any trial.

An incurable disease ravages a body

That you have to sit and watch


A man lays in a bed

That you love

There is nothing you can do

But gather yourself up

Get yourself back together again

And love the world

One person at a time.

Pray for those that have wronged you

For they need it more

Than those that have loved you.

Heat beats down on you

While you tread through a journey

You didn’t ask to be in.

While you tread through a life

You didn’t ask

To participate in.

Then you get angry

When that is taken away from you

As if what you didn’t ask for

In the first place

Was your right to have.

Belittle the battles of your neighbor

And yours will be worse


When you realize

Everything contains beauty

Then you know

The true meaning

of Love.