We'll Ignore Her, For Your Convenience

Let us talk about how alone you were

How you had nobody..

We will ignore the fact that she was there

She is only American, after all.


Silently, we will whisper her name

In darkness

When we are alone.

But in the group

Or with a friend

We won’t talk about her at all.

We will ignore how much of her life

She gave to you.

We will ignore

How much she loved you

How much

You said you loved her.

It doesn’t bode well for our life

Where we like the attention

We get from pretending

She was never there

So we will make her dissapear

From everything.

For your convenience

Of course.


But late at night

When you want her

Don’t call her

Because she knows

We left her out

We didn’t write about her

Or mention how her love

Lifted us

Out of our darkness.


And how inconvenient for us

That she was paying attention

This time

And noticed


Ignoring her

And her love.


How dare she!

Actually have dignity

And respect for herself

Enough to now be ignoring us

Because she is tired

Of us not acknowledging her.


What a self righteous bitch.


We’ll have to write a poem

About that!

Oh wait, we can’t

Or we cannot whine

About how we were alone

When really, we were not.


Serves you to be a little bitch instead of a man..



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