Have You Ever Been A Bird?

Close your eyes and you can feel the wind

Surround you like your greatest friend

All the while your feet are on the ground.


They say I am the dangerous one

But I swear it is all for fun

Any fool can get lost inside a dream.


Excuse me for disconnecting your call

But this time you’ve lost it all

Inside a rapture even Hades wouldn’t understand.


I once gave him a cold hard look

When I read a tempestuous book

He didn’t even really know the rhyme.


He reads my shit and shakes his head

Because he knows he’ll never be in my bed

All along I’ve invited two or three.


Now that my heart is braced

I need to listen to some Misplaced

Because sometimes we all need to hear the truth.


After all the misdeeds were priced

I gave my life completely to Christ

Now I can sing like angels do.


Have you really ever read the word?

I swear you could fly like a bird

If you only listen to the still small voice inside.


It is then I knew how he liked to talk

Because he never ever walked the walk

His promises were written in the air.


But now I know what is set in stone

And my, has Josephine grown

Within the lovely meadow of the truth.




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