The most magnanimous proposal came from the mayor

The hefty one you always see seated in a chair

He said he was happy I could show up

Then handed me a tainted cup.

Knowing there was no wine for the feast

Decisions were made to overthrow the beast.


Concocted in a brilliant design

We hid many on the floor

Because if there is one thing you need to know

About humans,

They never look down.


When I was conceived I was given a light

Assured it would never go out

No matter what.

I was to use this light to guide my path

To find my way.

I was assured people would deny it

They would ridicule it

Even try to steal it from me

But nobody can take it

It is mine.


Just as spoken

It was ridiculed


There were times

I even doubted it myself.

But when I looked deep inside myself

There it was

Lighter than ever.


A bitter plate of something soft became the orchestra I danced to

There was no tune but that we already knew.

Silence took the atmosphere and spun the entire ordeal around

I searched to find the truth in lies, but nothing could be found.


Softly we put together a life

Suitable for someone like you

It had just enough trials



To keep you interested

And interesting

But not too much

To overwhelm you.


Somewhere in this universe

Is exactly in the middle

Of heaven and hell

You are standing in it.

Your choice is made

With the choices you make

In your life.


Choose well.