The Sound of Your Heart

Beating drums within a fortress

Calming, like lovemaking

When it is slow and steady.

There is peace within darkness

Silence within a scream

A lie within the light sometimes

As I stand waiting for your next word.

You think I’m not devoted to you

That there must be someone else

But there isn’t.

There is only you.


Hindering our desire

Between right and wrong

Between light and dark

Between hot and cold.

Love is never lost

Between two people

That carry it with them

In their hearts.


Hidden within context

In lines you both understand

And the ones you can’t quite figure out

Are the words I would whisper to you

If given half the chance to do so.


The sound of your heart

I heard in this song

The one that is ‘ours’

We haven’t picked out yet.

It is written in the book

We are going to do

But haven’t quite started yet.

It is heard in the songs you sing

When you suddenly think of me

And you realize you love me



It is in the smile

Between those headphones

In that picture

I can’t stop looking at.


In every sense of the word

Every possible meaning

Whether metaphorical or otherwise;

I am yours.


When I want you

I close my eyes

And listen for the sound of your heart.


lump of coal


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