Stress overtakes a life

Meant for the destruction

Of the weak.

Life meanders as it does

Without paying attention

To the foreground.

Once a silent victim

Of the storm

Now I am the leader.


Sometimes I need to escape

To be away from the reality

That consumes me.


As parts of me are taken away

From either being the temptation

Or succumbing to it

By either working to make someone else rich

Or wishing that I were

I am very lucky

That at least I have

A lifeline.


When I need calming

You soothe me

When I require peace

You settle that for me

When I want to feel like a woman

You know exactly what to say

And do.



The world just takes from me

While you

Only give to me.

In a passionless




You are warmth in a season barren of it.

You are the truth in a sea of lies

You are the passion I’ve always yearned for.


Seas can overtake a ship

While the moon silently watches

Secretly hoping

The ship can win this one.

I’m always hoping

We can finally win this one.


When life rattles a cage

That I’m not sure

Could take anymore

At least I have





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