A flowing ember inside of you

Diminishes with time

And the faces of those that would thwart you

Or hold you back



One moment you are on top

Of that proverbial mountain;

The next you are tumbling down it

Like all of those

You used to shake your head at.


A bottle of wine sits on your table

A whisper in your ear says

“It holds all the answers”

So you try it;

Again and again

But you never get an answer-

You simply get drunk.


In your drunken state

You feel lifted a bit

Less cranky and stressed

The only penalty with being a drunk

Is all of the stupid decisions

That you can never take back.

Some so terribly permanent

It makes the sober times worse

So the drunk times need to increase.


The enemy has honed in on you;

Found you in a weakened state

Then promised things

It couldn’t possibly deliver.


It has broken you-

Will you remain broken?

Or pick yourself up

And move past the darkness?