You Will Remember This

A soft tear that rolls

Down her angry and hurt face

You know the girl

Or at least remember her vaguely

Not quite as ‘the one that got away’

More like ‘the one you tricked away’


Bread sits in a basket

A bountiful feast on the table;

It is a quandary of sorts really

As in

Who will eat

And who will we allow to starve?

Ah yes

Lets feed the ones in another country

While the ones in our own die of hunger.


A card pulled out of a deck

He tells her to pick one

Then shuffles

While he stares at her.

Knowing he has a chance

To guess it correctly

He shuffles through them

When he guesses wrong;

He blames her.


Shadows dance across a sunset

That left everyone searching for warmth.

Do we care there are some

Left out in the cold

Or do we simply think of those around us

In our moment of frailty?


We counted the cost

Of luring in a battered woman

And surmised her price

Is much lower

Than the suggested retail.

The horns that grew from her head

We used to make those lamps with.

Nobody liked them.


Remember the last dance

With vigor;

As we accuse those around us

Of not participating

In the game we like to play

That we always seem to lose at,

But somehow we lost the battle

In lieu of wanting so desperately

To win the war.


Heathens in winter

When the weather is so very cold;

Much like the heart you wish you had.

You won’t forget this

But I fully intend to.


head full of lies



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