I am the dust that settles on a table
You haven’t sat at in years.
I’m the moment of glory within a situation
That brings the room to tears.
Never quite enough for forever
Just a glance at what we were.
I’m the freedom found within a flag
And an extra shot, just to be sure.

The fear you leave at the fight

When you don’t know how to lose.

A tear that rolls down her cheek

When it isn’t her you choose.

The temptation you leave at a party

Because that woman isn’t your wife.

The second you realize it was all a lie

And you want to end your life.

The sheer force of forgiveness

When given with a gentle look.

You, cuddled up in a corner

Reading a delicious book.

I am the second you change your mind

When it is minutes too late.

I am passion, temptation..

But most of all, fate.


She whispers in your ear “I know you are a lie”

You smile because you think you tricked her

The only thing she doesn’t know is why.


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