The path we choose to take is riddled with turns

Doubt starts to creep into your lazy head

As you think that maybe you took a wrong turn

This isn’t the way you were supposed to go

Things are not right just now..

Maybe you can turn around

Take another turn somewhere.

Maybe you said something out of turn

Or he didn’t like your lipstick one night?


Just maybe..

He wasn’t meant to be with you anyway.


The path we chose to take was not the right one

So we veered a little bit

To the left.

Then the right..

Got a little lost in a forest

Because we got tired of paths.


Maybe we don’t want to take a path

Maybe we like life a little off balance.


Perhaps we like the storm

With its noise

And the power

That sounds like

It is going to kick our ass

Even though we know

It will do nothing

But rain.


The colours of rain are beautiful

Don’t you think?