I’ll never do it gracefully

I’ve never done anything gracefully.

I’ll crash into your life

Make somewhat of a mess

Move things around a bit

Change your mind on a few things

Make you believe at least one thing

That may or may not be entirely true

Then I’ll run away.


I’ll never do it with peace in my heart

I know people that have loved for years

I never have had that

Everyone that said they loved me

Are now loving someone else

Which makes me think

Love is either a bunch of bullshit

Or I’m deserving of it

Or maybe it is only temporary;

Just some people have had that ‘temporary’

for most of their lives.


The power of love is amazing

When tuned, like a piano.


The rain falls on the ground slowly

I watch it as I sit and drink my cup of tea.

We meet here every Tuesday to discuss life

Our pasts, and our future.

This time he is running late

And I blame it on the rain.

When he arrives he is nervous

Kisses both my cheeks

Then hands me a rose.


The dream I’ve had a thousand times

Of you and I in a coffee shop

Talking about everything

Not realizing

All the time

We were deeply in love.


There is one I keep going back to

I need him in my life

He is my strength

Without him

Life is meaningless.

He doesn’t toy with me

Or pull any punches,

He is my best friend.

Tonight while talking to him

I didn’t want to run away –

I wanted to make a mess.


faux pas