Fervently he sucked the air out of the room

Ripped the entire place apart

Busting fingernails

Breaking teeth

Spitting and choking on the aftermath

Of what was a beautiful love.

White walls are now scratched

As he sits rocking back forth

In the middle of the room.

His voice is like the volcano

Nobody wants to visit

Because they already know

It will be pathetic

Self serving


When I walk into the room

I’m shocked at how he left us

“What have you done?”

I ask the narcissist.

He screams in my face;

Inches away


Unsure of what to tell him;

Because he was never in the room.


Angry is the man

The decides the world owes him

For breathing

For taking

For wanting more

Than he would ever give.

Lost is the man

That will destroy a love

He was never engaged in.




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