A pinch of salt

Thrown over the shoulder

Of a man with no morality

Or common sense of decency.

He flounders when caught

Like a fish in a boat

Flopping around

Making everyone wet

Thinking if he moved around enough

Maybe he could accidentally end up

Back in water where he could breathe.


He cleared his throat

To give this ridiculous speech

About how he is misunderstood

And wishes he had some sense of stability

In his shattered and lonely existence.

How his morality lines up

Perfectly with the cosmos

As if that really means anything

To anyone with sense.


He laughs and point his wrinkled fingers

At those that conform to the rules

As if the joke is on them.

Cannabis makes most his decisions

The rest are made by friends

That wouldn’t know what true North was

Unless they heard there was something to steal

In that particular direction.


Smoke formed circles around him

A voice loomed from above

“Are you going to make her yours

Or let her go?”


He looks down at his feet

And whispers






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