What Good Am I?

I went to the farmer

“What good am I?

I grow no crops

Yield no food

I only consume

What you take months

To produce.”

I went to the doctor

“What good am I?

I’ve saved no lives

Just added more

To a population

That already grows out of control.”

I went to the mechanic

“What good am I?

I fix nothing

I break things

So other people

Can fix them for me.”

I went to my knees

Asking “What good am I?

I consume the food

Saved no lives

Fixed nothing

Added more waste

So someone else

Could clean it up

Could fix it.”

I went to a dear friend

“What good am I?”

He said “you write the words

Everyone thinks

But nobody says,

You make people react

With one sentence.

You make people realize

From hundreds miles away

They can relate to you.”

So I write..   artificial intelligence


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