That feeling you get in your chest

When you turn around in the store

And your two year old isn’t there.

The sound of nothing

When you stare at the sky

Looking for the prettiest star.

The moment you realize

Your entire life

Was a huge fucking lie.


There is an insidious sound in the distance

That calls out your name ever so quietly

When the entity reaches your ear

It tells you what your biggest weakness is.


What is your biggest weakness?

Is it the silence you keep over the family crime?

Is it the way you cheat on your wife?

Or maybe it is the drug nobody knows you do?

We all have a secret

We all have that one skeleton

We hope nobody sees.


Cheering the other team on,

That is me.

Always for the underdog

No matter what.

Because I have been him

That one person

Nobody believed in

That one child

Nobody wanted

That one woman

Nobody loved.


If you think for a minute

A woman that looks like me

Would pine over a man

That looks like you

Then you’ve just wasted

A minute of your life.


Men that make promises are worthless


Human beings.

You were put on this planet to take care of

To protect

To love

If you are not doing that

Then you are failing.


We run circles around the truth

When lies are so abundant

Like daisies in a field

Of grass.


Then finally

I wake up

And realize

You weren’t ever there






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