Chaos is in a trailer

Where all your abuse occurred,

The one that still sits quietly

Nary saying a word.


Chaos is a fleeting thought

The one you hoped would go away,

No such luck in that, is there?

Nope, now it is here to stay.


Chaos is in death

The second you find out,

The one where you aren’t sure whether to cry

Or just stand there and shout.


Chaos is in a letter

The one she wrote when she walked out,

That you still keep in your pocket

So love is always in doubt.


Chaos is in the very moment

You realize the truth in lies,

The sudden urge to justify

What is hidden in his cries.


Chaos is in a person

That really fucks up your life,

The one you thought you were rescuing

That turned into Lucifer’s wife.


Chaos is a riddle

That is hidden within a rhyme

The sudden fight that breaks out

The wound never healing with time.


Chaos is in a breakup

When you feel so unwanted,

Cast out like a piece of trash

And they, hardly daunted.


There is a little chaos within everything

You see and touch and smell

It takes a curse to see a gift

A rise to know you fell.


Chaos never cares about the cost

It doesn’t matter the toll it takes

A beautiful rose with nasty thorns

The danger is what it makes.


Hidden within the lines of truth

The anger of chaos reigns

While you are busily picking up the pieces

Chaos is crashing the trains.


Only humans think they are in charge

When many things really are

Wherever the peace and beauty are seen

Chaos is never far.


darkness and the cow




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