Is This A Poem?

Shadows ripped the sand from the wall
Yet nobody knows how to deal.
They cry and cry over symptoms they hate
Yet none of them really feel.

I require a certain level of trust
And a part of your body for collateral.
He told me I was getting a promotion
But the move was clearly lateral.

There are processes to everything
Humans require this insanity.
Most of them suffer the process of pride
But let us be honest, it is clearly inanity.

We wear diamonds the earth gives us
But can we die with all that wealth?
If living is for the stupid and weak
Then let us die with a bit more stealth.

What cannot be explained to you
Clearly is beyond your comprehension.
What satisfies your weakest urges
Would sex get more attention?

Some of us pray to a God
Some to the stupidity of lust
Go ahead and tease the woman
Take her to bed, if you must.

Humans are not the dangerous ones
They are the easiest to figure out
Once you find what they want
Then you take them by that route.

An indelible mark is left within a man
Of a woman he once wanted
Craved, teased, but never tasted
The loss of her now haunted.

Even love is weakness
Once they settle the score
To most men they like intelligence
But like a slut, just a bit more.

We make them cry
Then make them yearn
A desire they can’t have
This is the way they learn.

Now shhh.. Don’t tell your secrets
Keep them in your breast
You’ll take all the fucking classes you want
Yet always fail the test.

A phone call from a horny man
Then we must act like it is a surprise
Did you call to fuck a mystery
Or just to hand out a few more lies?

Yearning is a wicked game
Of a lazy woman in wait
She must act like nobody wants
While her ass and breasts are the bait.

We lose the fight within us
When we think we are going to fail
What if every time we walked away
Our souls went to a terrible jail?

All of the anger wells up
It is honestly within us.
Don’t worry, dear friend, the next woman you fuck over
We will blame on your mental illness.


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