He licks the rims of pools
Claiming if he can taste people
He knows everything about them
Which led me to make mental note
He will never taste me.

Imagine yourself in a room
With beige carpet
And walls.
There is no chair
Only a table
With a pen
And a piece of paper.
Written on that paper
Is every secret
Of yours.

You run your finger down the list
As you begin to mentally question the validity
Of such a list.

There are matches
Sitting right by the list.
Do you find a way to burn it?

That’s alright
We made copies.

For years a woman doubted
Everything about love.
She was going about her daily routine
When her eyes met a man
She couldn’t get out of her head.
Then she sees him again
This time hears his voice
And he sounds like
Everything she has been missing
All these years.

When they make love
He feels like
She’s ever wanted.

When he tells her he found someone else
He sounds like
Everyone else in her life
That ever walked away from her.

It began to rain one day
As I made the deal of a lifetime.
I would walk away from everyone
That does not serve me.
I’d leave everyone
That hurt me.
It was then I noticed
I had nobody to let go of
Due to retaliation
Every debt
Was paid.

I watch him lick the rim of the pool
And smirk.
He knows I don’t believe him.
He knows I don’t care for him at all.

One night he told me
He could get any woman
With romance.

I shrug
Because he has nobody
Just his tongue
And the rim of many
Unlicked pools.

If any woman could be had
Simply with romance
Then she deserves
The licker of pools.



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