That Won’t Get Them Back

You can stay in a loveless marriage for years

Claiming it is “for your children”

While they see the daily accounts of their parents

Not ever care for one another.

Who are you really serving?

Staying in this marriage will not get YOUR father back

It will not erase the fact that he walked out on your family.

It will not teach your children to love

When they cannot SEE it in their parents.


You can drive like a lunatic through town

Barely missing pedestrians and cars

Thinking everyone just needs to get the FUCK out of your way

And that won’t bring your husband back from the grave

He will still be as dead

When you are exchanging insurance information

With a stranger.

Your anger and disdain for the world

Will not bring your dead husband back.


You can cock the gun and put it in your mouth

With tears streaming down your face

And you will still not get her to love you.

No matter how dead you are

She will still not be what you want her to be.


That bottle of Jack Daniels you are nursing tonight

Will never take your loneliness away

It won’t make up for the fact that you refuse to open up to any woman

So you sit at home alone every night and drink your life away.

No amount of drink will fill that empty hole in you

That desire for you to be loved

To be touched.


Getting involved with all those ladies

Breaking their hearts

One by one

Will not make you feel more of a man

Than you already are.

You will never be able to make up for the fact

That your mother never truly loved you

You will never understand

That these women, they are not her

You will never get her back this way.


You can be as angry

Or promiscuous

As you like

And that won’t get them back.





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