Wake Me

Everyone had heard of her;

She was one of those dangerous women

The kind that would rather see you writhe on the floor in pain

Than to utter the words

You would die to hear from her.

Sitting in a cage

She is now a sideshow attraction.

For fun, they poke sticks at her

Just to hear her yell and scream at them.

They send a man close to the cage

Watch her lunge at him

As the crowd laughs and claps.

They charge for this you know.

When they send a woman up

She does nothing

Just stares at her.

Late one night

A stranger walks in

The same nationality as her

And male.

He stands back for a while looking at her blue eyes

Wondering where it all went wrong for her

Why life had turned her into this

And why nobody cared along the way.

He inched closer to her

She watched him

As he put his hand up on one of the bars

He knelt down and whispered something to her

She crawled over to him

And said

s’il vous plaît me réveiller”



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