Slowly he opened the door to my room

Sitting in the middle of it

Through endless amounts of chains

And papers strewn about

I sat pondering the meaning of life.

He told me to pick up the papers

That he would tend to the chains

And I believed him.

He didn’t ask where I came from

Or why there were chains all over

He simply cleaned them up

Then they were discarded.

He sat in the middle of the room with me

As I explained to him what each and every piece of paper was

What it meant to me,

And ultimately, what the cost was.

He asked if I had been outside

I told him there were too many dangers out there

It was much safer for me to remain here!

“Not anymore”

He whispered as he got up and took my hand.


A flagrant undertaking of the utmost importance

Took me a little aback from the task.

What was at hand was me in the middle

And questions, I did not ask.


Barriers, and there were plenty

Seemed ready for me to fight.

Most people like to do that in the light of day

But I much prefer the night.


Crying tears over what was lost

In an angry and disturbing dream.

I cast out thoughts in aftermath

So nobody can hear me scream.


What was once tucked far away

That I thought nobody could see

There wasn’t anyone smart enough

But then, don’t ever misjudge me.


I handed it out so eagerly

To one I knew was true

Hearts not tucked so far away

It was always within you.


I asked for a day to think about it

Instead he gave me four.

I told him I felt terribly alone

He said “you’re not… Anymore.”