Jagged Edges

A woman reborn

With a gift

Without a handle.

Like an expertly cut diamond

With so many facets

You couldn’t count them

Let alone handle them.


A man on a mission

Yet clearly undefined

Or appreciated

For everything he is

And the thousands of things he could be.

So much of him remains



Clearly afraid

Of everything;

She keeps herself detached

Pretending to be aloof.


Yet when they meet

You could hear her sigh

Almost see her handing pieces of herself to him

Explaining each piece

As she handed it over.


Day by day

She got closer

To him.

Her hope always being

She would get close enough

You couldn’t tell which part was him

And which was hers.


When she thinks she has given it all

There is a piece of her

That begs to be given to him.

Almost as if every breath

Needs to carry something

Of some importance

To him.


A pause

Albeit it brief

Then a sudden insurgency.

She knows he could have a much easier time

With someone else

But he only wants her,

He only wants pieces of her

Even the ones

With jagged edges.


She is free now

Within a love he provides for her.

She doesn’t dive in as if she had known it forver

Because she hasn’t.

She steps in slowly,

With his urging

His support

His longing.


Nothing fits better

Within us

Than someone

That belongs there.

the question





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