It’s Alright

Fourth attempt at writing

For, about you today

So many feelings, hard to say

All that you bring my way.


I rush about in nearly a panic

Wishing the day away

Hoping everyone can see

You are what brightens my day.


Found my quest

Everything spread out on the floor

Writing to you

Want you here more.


People buzz by me

Feeling amazed by it all

Where I am the tender Spring

You are the never failing Fall.


Let me hold you in my arms

Let me rock you every night

Let me whisper in your ear

Baby girl, everything is alright.


I’ve the smallest amount of doubt

What is left in my bitter core.

I’ve given you much of my love

But inside of me is so much more.


Then the door in my mind it opened

And I saw before my eyes

The search endless odyssey is over

Much to my surprise.


I want to succumb to you

Give you everything I have inside

The grief, anger, love and hope

There is nothing I want to hide.


My fires you tame

My hunger you fill each night

I wake up beside you

Knowing it is going to be alright.


A stitch in every crack we have

No holes we haven’t cared for

Love is truly all we need

In this, our beautiful war.







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