She doesn’t want to hear that you’ll miss her

Wants to know why you won’t stay.

She doesn’t want to hear the sound of your steps

As you defiantly walk away.


She doesn’t want to feel this bitter scorn

Or hear how you pound at your chest.

She wants to believe in a love gone right

And know you’ve always done your best.


She doesn’t want to tangle with a lie

She wants to hear the truth

A bitter scorn within a defiance

Topped with some orange vermouth.


She wants to lie upon the sheet of obscurity

Within a vision she can ordain

Lost was all the principles she had

When it suddenly began to rain.


She doesn’t want your promises

Nor to hear about your cock

She’d rather dance upon the line of virginity

Than to play with your little rock.


She doesn’t want to hear you explain

How you’d lay with her every night

She needs to feel the love within from you

As if you lost your sense of sight.


Tears of anger hit the wall

Long before the force hit the road.

She doesn’t want to hear you love her

She wants to know it will corrode.


She doesn’t want you to terrify her

Just be a warming, calm embrace

She wants to be touched everywhere

But first, run your finger down her face.


She doesn’t want to be your warning

Or know the size of your room

She wants to be the tender moment

The bud of a rose, not the bloom.


She doesn’t want to mask the pain

She wants you to take it away.

She doesn’t want you to promise forever

She just really wants you to stay.