Perfect Timing

Of all the tears

And all the pain

Where is she now

What will all this gain?

Did she close the door?

Does she want some more?


She makes a wish

With both eyes shut

Nobody will take this from her;

Nothing would make the cut.


Empty hands

An unused heart

He’s perfect timing

Within a beautiful start.


Now within the pain

And all the tears

She’ll have happiness and love

For so many more years.


She’ll forget the pain

Forget the loss

Remember the fall

But forget the toss.


She’s not so lost

Not so cold

Listens to the wind at night

Feeling rather bold.


Lost the fight

But won the war

Remembers the night

But not the score.


Lays her head

Upon the night

Holds his hand

So very tight.


Made the vow

Sealed a pact

Drew a line

That’s a fact.


Of all the tears

And all the pain

She knows where she is now

And the good that she will gain.

She opened a door

Let him in

They all lost

She will win.





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